Living during Fall/Winter

This month completes 14 months that I’m “stuck” on only two seasons. I don’t know what is beach for more than a year and a half now. But this is going to change! Today I’m getting into an airplane and going to the northeast of Brazil… this means that I’m flying around 4 hours and my scenario will change quite a bit. In Salvador it’s summer the whole year, while here in Porto Alegre it’s around 5 degrees now, in Salvador it’s around 27º!!!

This is the trip I’m doing today:

It’s a little bit more than 3.000 km. Probably worth it.

This is the first time I’m going to the northeast of Brazil, so I don’t have any picture to show… but I hope that this week I get back my writing here. So here it’s only a preview of what is expecting me. I know you, Canadians, are not that jealous… but I’m sure my friends here are hehehe, just kidding.

This is a famous elevator in the shore.

So get to go… I will post more during this next 10 days. See ya.

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