MCOM 2 – First Assignment – Top Creations!

This assignment is the result of only 2 classes in photoshop. We worked together to learn selections and how to position layers in order to compose a scene that would otherwise be impossible in real life. Once you learn how to select and manipulate pixels, you have a taste of manipulating reality 🙂 Follow the top 10 assignments.

Finding Great Resources for Design

You can find almost anything you want online, most of the times for free. I have been collecting and organizing my ‘references’ for quite some time and today i will start sharing some of the best websites that I know to find great content to help you design your current and coming projects!
There are different category of useful things, so I will do my best to divide it in a way that makes sense! Here it goes:

What’s your favourite site to find handy resources?


Best way to find good resources and learn at the same time. 2 Birds 1 stone!
Photoshop: | |
Vector: (Illustrator and inDesign)

Free Icons/ PS&AI Files/ Backgrounds/ Web and Print Elements | | (Textures, Fonts, Brushes, Vector) (Photoshop Brushes, patterns, Fonts & Icons) (Webdesign & Fireworks) | HUGE Library of WEB Elements –

High Definition Textures & Web Patterns: | |

¡New! Ultimate Guide for Free Stock Photography:

Stock.XCHNG | | Us government | Small But unique | | | – really good | 

Free Useful Designer Apps:

Lorem Ipsum Generator |

Photoshop Actions

BJANGO – iPad – iPhone

User Interface KITS

Design Woop List

InDesign Scripts & Plugins

SmashMag List

Free Fonts

Best Fonts 2013

Share your favourite sites to find resources in the comments!

Moving and zooming

Probably the two most underrated tools in photoshop that in reality are the ones you will use the most! Learning how to select properly the elements you want to work with and adjusting the size to see what you need to work on a crucial time savers. By using those tools effectively you increase your productivity and quality of work.

Learning the Photoshop CS6 interface

Here’s the first post that have tutorial video(s) about the Photoshop CS6 functionality that we will be learning in class.

Let’s start with the basics, we need to familiarize ourselves with the interface. The interface is what all the boxes, buttons and windows that create photoshop are called. This arrangement is very flexible and have should be changed depending on the task you’re working on.

Organizing Photoshop CS6 Panels

Hello there,
I will be posting tips and extra content that relate to our class in this blog.

I hope you guys are as excited to get working with photoshop and learning about visual communications.

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