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Sochi Olympics 2014 – Poster assignment

The class have now worked on their skills with photoshop for 5 weeks, it was time to put it to test and give them a real life scenario to work with. As the olympics were going on I decided that they had to create a poster about the sport or athlete they admired the most and create a call to action to get Canadians to support and watch an specific event. These top posters have achieved that in its own ways and have a great visual balance and imagery.

MCOM 2 – Second Assignment – Vector Creations

This assignment was all focused on creating artwork based on an image working with vectors. Most people think that vector is an ability that only illustrator users can master, but only after one week practising inside photoshop you will be blown away by some results that the students had! I’m very proud and it was very hard to pick the top 10. Follow below:

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