I’m back

My apologies for the delay with the posts… but there was a good reason for that! I was working on something for my little cousin, little… she is taller than me… and she celebrated her 15th birthday this last weekend! She wanted me to produce somethings to her birthday… she did one of that big and fancy parties, everybody in black-ties and lots of champagne.
Well, I will stop writing and show the first thing, wasn’t hard to do, but i think the effect was good! This short (10 sec) video was to her entrance in the PARTY MODE:

I think the final product was pretty decent.

I mixed the traditional Fox entrance music with the Lion roar of MGM. I also produced her pictures 🙂

Well the second and more difficult task that she asked me to do was a banner 1,60m x 1,40 with “something nice.”

We all know that something nice is too random… so I though on something that would give me lot’s of work of course :p

Check the banner out:

Over 60 photos in this banner.

This was an attraction in the party, because almost everyone that was there also was in a picture. So everybody looked and tried to find themselves on it. If you’re interested in, there are several photos of me very young… if you open the photo bigger you can try to find me. One clue: I’m not white and I have the same eyebrown. 😛

Well I’ll start to write more often! My Canadian audience it’s weak… I have to increase my IMC in Canada :p

Obrigado, ttyl.

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