Flamengo Beach, Salvador.

After a year and a half finally I had a “beach day”. We went to a very nice one located in the north of Salvador called “Flamengo Beach”. It was a 1 hour bus trip but totally worth it.

We got nice chairs, beach umbrella and stayed on the beach from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. The sea was a bit cold, but a little bit after noon the sea went back a little and it created “natural pools” incredibly nice to swim and calm.

This is a picture of Carol coming out from one of them.

We had some culinary experiences too. We had the famous “Grilled cheese in a stick” it’s delicious and kinda cheap. We also ate some Crab Pasteis

Grilled cheese, nhamy.

It was a fun and calm day on the beach. Tomorrow we are going to see SEA TURTLES 😀 I hope the place it’s open.

See ya

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