The Mobile Index

For you that always thought we needed a dictionary for the jargons of the mobile/digital world, check out The Mobile Index

One thing I did not know is that there was a term (Nomophobia – See video above) to label this addictive attachment that we have to our smartphones. I bet there are many more in the list that I need to check out.

Which one stand out for you? Can you suggest some that should be there?

Finding Great Resources for Design

You can find almost anything you want online, most of the times for free. I have been collecting and organizing my ‘references’ for quite some time and today i will start sharing some of the best websites that I know to find great content to help you design your current and coming projects!
There are different category of useful things, so I will do my best to divide it in a way that makes sense! Here it goes:

What’s your favourite site to find handy resources?


Best way to find good resources and learn at the same time. 2 Birds 1 stone!
Photoshop: psd.tutsplus.com | smashingmagazine.com/photoshop |
Vector: vector.tutsplus.com (Illustrator and inDesign)

Free Icons/ PS&AI Files/ Backgrounds/ Web and Print Elements

premiumpixels.com | designwoop.com | www.bittbox.com (Textures, Fonts, Brushes, Vector)
creativenerds.co.uk (Photoshop Brushes, patterns, Fonts & Icons) webportio.com (Webdesign & Fireworks) | HUGE Library of WEB Elements – bypeople.com

High Definition Textures & Web Patterns:

cgtextures.com | texturelib.com | subtlepatterns.com

¡New! Ultimate Guide for Free Stock Photography:

Stock.XCHNG | creativecommons.org | Us government dotgovwatch.com | Small But unique gimp-savvy.com | public-domain-photos.com | openphoto.net | photos8.com – really good | publicdomainpictures.net 

Free Useful Designer Apps:

Lorem Ipsum Generator |

Photoshop Actions

BJANGO – iPad – iPhone

User Interface KITS

Design Woop List

InDesign Scripts & Plugins

SmashMag List

Free Fonts

Best Fonts 2013

Share your favourite sites to find resources in the comments!

This Exquisite Forest

This Exquisite Forest is an online collaborative art project that lets users create short animations that build off one another as they explore a specific theme. The result is a collection of branching narratives resembling trees.

What that means is that you can look in the ‘forest’ for animation seeds and build upon those. This is a great exercise of pure creativity and collaboration utilizing the power of the web. The concept remind me of the www.thejohnnycashproject.com where anyone could design 1 frame of the Johnny Cash video. If you clicked the link you’ve seen the AMAZING result that the collaboration produced.

This is the power the web has on design, it completely breaks conventional paradigms.

Are you planting a seed?

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