Fresh Start

So, here I am! As promised, I will keep up my blog with my Brazilian side for, at least, the next 4 months.

The purpose of this initiative is simple and I hope you will enjoy. First: Show some of my “roots,” the place that I have come from and things that are nice, and not, about Brazil. Second: Develop some skills such as: English writing, blogging, creating interest and relationship with/in a audience through a digital media. Third: Have some fun (and hopefully you’ll all have as well.)

So, to start in a democratic way,as Kathy taught my class, If you look down you will see a POLL! I’m asking you guys to choose which of those subjects you would be more interested in.

There are many ways to keep up with the blog – Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, RSS and some other ways to reach my blog.

Feel free to comment in any post to say from: “\o/” to “I didn’t understand a word of what you’ve said

The blog also has some cool pictures from these months I was in Canada. Check the Photos page out.

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