So, let’s start finally! I had some major problems with the technical part of the blog… As Brook would whisper in class: “Technical difficulties”
Well I left Canada April 30th 11:30am, I arrived in Porto Alegre, my hometown, April 1st around 5pm… It was a long trip but I was very excited about arriving home so I wasn’t even tired that afternoon. As I have been speaking English so often in the past months I said more than once Thank you and Sorry other than Obrigado and Desculpa to Brazilians and they looked at me like: “Weirdo” :p

It was a warm, Latino, welcome! Pretty much all my family was in the airport… with cameras and hugs waiting for me.

Circle of people around me and my gf

That’s my mom 😀

After the Airport we all went to my Dad’s house to have a BRAZILIAN BARBECUE! The one I talked so much about… I will write a post on Brazilian Barbecue later on. I want to show some pictures that I took specially to post here 🙂

Look the size of my smile… it’s bigger than the ribs… :p


Please keep voting in the poll! If you go to the PHOTOS page you can see more pictures of my arrival in POA.
Tomorrow I will write about the city that I live and some cool things to better contextualize everybody.

Obrigado ttyl.

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