Brazilian Junk Food

North Americans are not the only people that are experts in junk food. We have a say here in Brazil that: We copy everything from everybody all over the world, but we do it better. It’s a joke but you will understand in a bit. Brazilian Junk food is a little bit different from North American’s. First of all: It has to be big and have a BIG variety of ingredients! You will understand in a bit. The other characteristic is that we can produce anywhere. We have TONS of small business only producing this two meals.

Let’s start with one that you all know pretty well: HOT DOG, in Portuguese we say ‘Cachorro-quente’ which means exactly the same thing. The difference is inside the bun. A true Hot Dog in a Brazilian style has at least these items: Bun, tomato sauce, sausage, corn, pea, boiled and smashed eggs, mayonnaise, parmesan and shoestring-potatoes (it’s like very thin chips.)


This is a big one, and VERY good!

This is the basic recipe the final result it’s very tasty. That’s why I ate only one hot dog in Canada, it was only a sausage and the bun with ketchup… :p We Brazilians are at least creative.

She will kill me because of this picture :p

The second dish of today is more local and it will remember one that we all know. This is called ‘XIS’ which might remind you of a Hamburger, but in the Brazilian way (we copied the hamburger and made it ‘better’)

In a ‘XIS’ we have: Special bun, mayonnaise, hamburger meat, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, ham, pea and corn. Again, this is the basic one; we have several types of recipe for this meal. We can change the meat, sauce, fill etc…


 You’ll never go wrong with a ‘Salad XIS’, it’s traditional.

XIS you can mostly find in this south Brazil region. I have some friends that moved out from my state and they still can’t stop thinking about it :p

I hope you’re all hungry, because I need one of those right now! :p

Obrigado, ttyl

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