“The brightest lights cause the darkest shadows, and there’s where I will be found.” King Charles

— The Brightest lights by King Charles

It has been one year, already, that #SteveJobs passed. He was a true inspiration for many and should be remembered, watch this memorial video at

Found this other amazing tribute by @OneDigital_br … Enjoy:

— 1 Year without Steve Jobs

This is why Seth is great: simple, to the point and challenging.

“The best way to learn marketing
…is to do marketing.
Do it on the weekends. Volunteer and do it for a non-profit. Fundraise. Run a business online. Market a kid’s lemonade stand.
When you put your ideas in the world, then, and only then, do you know if they’re real.
Not expensive, merely frightening.”


Via Seth Godin

— Simple and true – The best way to learn Marketing – by Seth Godin

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