MCOM 2 – Second Assignment – Vector Creations

This assignment was all focused on creating artwork based on an image working with vectors. Most people think that vector is an ability that only illustrator users can master, but only after one week practising inside photoshop you will be blown away by some results that the students had! I’m very proud and it was very hard to pick the top 10. Follow below:

MCOM 2 – First Assignment – Top Creations!

This assignment is the result of only 2 classes in photoshop. We worked together to learn selections and how to position layers in order to compose a scene that would otherwise be impossible in real life. Once you learn how to select and manipulate pixels, you have a taste of manipulating reality 🙂 Follow the top 10 assignments.

Responding to Complexity – Adaptive Leadership

This presentation was designed for John Conrad to talk about strategies to respond to complexity. It was presented at the Kingston Live Streaming World Business Forum organized by Enactus SLC

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