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Finding Great Resources for Design

You can find almost anything you want online, most of the times for free. I have been collecting and organizing my ‘references’ for quite some time and today i will start sharing some of the best websites that I know to find great content to help you design your current and coming projects!
There are different category of useful things, so I will do my best to divide it in a way that makes sense! Here it goes:

What’s your favourite site to find handy resources?


Best way to find good resources and learn at the same time. 2 Birds 1 stone!
Photoshop: | |
Vector: (Illustrator and inDesign)

Free Icons/ PS&AI Files/ Backgrounds/ Web and Print Elements | | (Textures, Fonts, Brushes, Vector) (Photoshop Brushes, patterns, Fonts & Icons) (Webdesign & Fireworks) | HUGE Library of WEB Elements –

High Definition Textures & Web Patterns: | |

¡New! Ultimate Guide for Free Stock Photography:

Stock.XCHNG | | Us government | Small But unique | | | – really good | 

Free Useful Designer Apps:

Lorem Ipsum Generator |

Photoshop Actions

BJANGO – iPad – iPhone

User Interface KITS

Design Woop List

InDesign Scripts & Plugins

SmashMag List

Free Fonts

Best Fonts 2013

Share your favourite sites to find resources in the comments!

Illustrator Shortcuts Background


Hello guys, here’s a little treat so we can get started learning illustrator like rock stars!
I will be posting tips and cool design references on my blog from now on, so make sure you follow me on twitter @rbgiuliani and rss the blog.

Anyone in the #imcslc program is welcome to shoot me any questions they have about Photoshop, Illustrator or marketing in general 😉

here’s the link for you to download

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