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It has been one year, already, that #SteveJobs passed. He was a true inspiration for many and should be remembered, watch this memorial video at

Found this other amazing tribute by @OneDigital_br … Enjoy:

— 1 Year without Steve Jobs

Immersive Web

Now, this a cool way of using HTML5, graphic novel concept and immersive experience:

Why I will watch the iPhone 5 launch

Apple, as we all know, is one of the greatest marketers in the planet. The simple reason is that everything they do is marketing, from product development to packaging.

Watching a new Apple product launch is like watching a super bowl game for me. This specific launch has a special perk, Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO will lead the show. He did a great job in prior launches. But I feel like today will be his true debut as Apple’s CEO, because now he had enough time to make decisions and manouver the company in his own way.

Let’s hope he runs a show and excites people like Steve Jobs use to and maybe after today we’ll finally understand it wasn’t Steve Jobs that created a parallel universe where we were all dragged in and lost our ‘good judgement’, but Apple did.

Here’s a couple links for you to follow the launch live: (live blog) (Video streaming)

This is why Seth is great: simple, to the point and challenging.

“The best way to learn marketing
…is to do marketing.
Do it on the weekends. Volunteer and do it for a non-profit. Fundraise. Run a business online. Market a kid’s lemonade stand.
When you put your ideas in the world, then, and only then, do you know if they’re real.
Not expensive, merely frightening.”


Via Seth Godin

— Simple and true – The best way to learn Marketing – by Seth Godin

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