New Apple Tone – are you stupid?

Apple just released new ads this weekend – new messaging, new tone, new ‘ad boy’, new focus.

At first it’s funny, unexpected and quite involving, while highlighting some basic things basic users can do with their macs. Once I watched the second and third clip the message for me was quite different, rude actually. Apple portrayed its customers and want-to-be-customers as stupid with problems to prioritize (Labor Day ad) and that can’t differentiate an Apple store from a pc shop across the street.

I know it sounds harsh, but as an Apple fan – not only of their products, but strategies and marketing – I hope they get smarter with the next wave of ads, like they were in the “Get a Mac” campaign. Apple is a big fan of TV ads, so if they want to drop the ‘product as hero’ theme and want to be funny again… someone needs to work on the jokes, seriously.

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