Brazilian soccer game

That’s one thing everybody knows about Brazil. We are crazy and good at it. Brazilian soccer is really exciting, and really cool, sometimes. But this week we had an AMAZING game, face melting as Diego would say.
Internacional (my Club) played against Flamengo (Rio de Janeiro Club.)

We are playing the BRAZILIAN CUP a death-match championship style. This was the second game for the quarter-final; the first one was in RIO and it ended up 0x0. Both teams played extremely well in the first match and everything was going to be decided here, in my hometown PORTO ALEGRE!

If this second game ended up 0x0 we would have penalty. If we had any other draw with score my team was DONE! So we HAD to win to be sure that we were going forward in the cup.

Now, please take a look in the video I made, yes I’m doing a lot of videos lately lol, just trying to make things exciting. This video tells the story of the game. I recorded most part of it with my digital camera, and used other scenes from the television. So I hope you like it because it shows a little bit of how we are CRAZY, NUTS, RETARDELY ADDICTED, to soccer.

Some extra info: There were almost 50 thousand yess 50.000 people in the stadium. Me and my brother arrived 7p.m in the stadium and the game only started 10 p.m. People cryed when the other team scored; yes, the score was in the last minute, 44, and the refery only finished the game on 50 minutes.

That’s it for now,

Obrigado, ttyl.

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