The Mobile Index

For you that always thought we needed a dictionary for the jargons of the mobile/digital world, check out The Mobile Index

One thing I did not know is that there was a term (Nomophobia – See video above) to label this addictive attachment that we have to our smartphones. I bet there are many more in the list that I need to check out.

Which one stand out for you? Can you suggest some that should be there?

Poirot the Pomeranian – Routine

This video is a fun little test I did with some footage I have from my dog. We were curious about what he did when we weren’t home, so I did a timelapse of him in his ‘home’ to see what he was up to. Basically he sleeps :p
I will be posting some more videos of this little dude as he is always doing something that makes us laugh.


Amazing use of augmented reality! It almost seems natural that art should have this ‘extended’ reality!

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