Today I have a little story to tell 🙂

In the hotel that we stayed in, there where no employee that knew how to speak english…. as Salvador it’s one of the most visited places in Brazil… often english speakers drop by. So one night we were in the computer area and we saw a couple walking around and speaking low, just for them. Carol, said to me: “I think they don’t speak portuguese” They were really blond and REALLY white! So when we were going back to our room we heard them speaking english.

My girlfriend said: “I think they need help” and so we approached them.

The couple where from north England; they were hungry, didn’t know a word in portuguese and couldn’t find food. They arrived at night in Salvador downtown (sort of dangerous neighborhood to walk if you don’t know anything)

We end up helping them to order some chinese food, we called for them and ordered in portuguese and everything. It was fun to speak English with people after almost 3 months 🙂

Fun fact: they booked the hotel typing what they wanted in GOOGLE TRANSLATE in the check-in computer lol.

Have fun with this picture 🙂

Me with fake african hair :p

Tamar Project

We had very busy these last few days! So I couldn’t post anything. We went to a beach around 150km from Salvador there has a very interesting project called TAMAR. It’s a project that wants to save the turtles!
After we went there we learned somethings about turtles of course. For example, there are seven species of turtle in the world, and in Brazil we only have five. From these five, we actually saw only four, because the one called Leather Turtle only appears in the southeast of Brazil.

Here we have a picture with some hulls from the turtles we can find in Brazil:

We can see from the right to left: Olive, Green and Leather turtles.

The beach have a very nice infra-structure, and because of that we found there a lot of “gringos”… Nice stores, hotels, and it’s a very clean place and interesting to go.

We were lucky that when we arrived they were giving a turtle back to the sea. They treated a turtle that got taken by a fishing net, and tagged to take care of it during it’s life. So here is a picture of the turtle “walking” back to the sea.

So cute :p

We learned that turtles only step in the sand once in their lives, when they are born. After that they only come back to the sand if they are female to spawn. So these little turtle “walked” in the sand the second time in it’s life, so it had some difficulties 😛

Visit the project it’s totally worth it.  If you ever consider coming to Salvador, this is a tour that can’t be forgotten.

Hope you liked it, Obrigado, ttyl.

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