One year of my graduation

Last year on the 22nd I was going on a stage to be graduated in advertising by UNISINOS University.

It was a unique moment, and quite unforgettable. We did a big party after the graduation…

The only other thing that I have to say is that I’m felling old, because I’m already graduated for a year! I have some pics, take a look 🙂

What a style :p

My dad, me, brother and mom.

Valentines Day

When I was in Canada we had the Valentines day; it’s not the same date as Brazil; here we celebrate on June 12. The date is not the only thing that is different; the Brazilian Valentines day has a different concept.

Here it’s more about Boyfriend and Girlfriend, and in Canada is more about love to everybody. I was wondering which would be a good way to show this difference to people that don’t live here… And I think I had a good idea.

Advertising is a reflection of the society, mainly culturally. So I’m going to show a couple of ads that show a bit of this boyfriend and girlfriend thing:

Valentines Day Iguatemi. Show that your love is FLEX: powered by luck and passion.

“Lovers use because they love” / Clothing store.

I hope the illustration helped! If you want more examples or it wasn’t enough, please let me know!

I’m traveling today to my girlfriend farm, so I will be out of town/internet until sunday. So if someone need something shoot a e-mail and wait :p I hope I can get good info for the blog over there, I’m taking the camera with me!

Obrigado, ttyl

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