Brazilian Pine

Culture is winning in the poll, so I decided to start my new challenge… write about things that I know for ever (brazilian pine)… and try to make it entertaining!

As I said before, winter is starting here, and we have a lot of habits when this time of the year arrive. This is a very souther habit by the way, here where I live we are used to eat “PINHÃO”(/pi’ɲɐãũ/) in English I found several ways to say it so I will say them all:

Pinion, Araucaria Seeds and Monkey-puzzle seeds. This is similar to large pine nuts… but different, take a look in the tree that it grows:


They grow alone very tall in the woods, it’s very beautiful

These trees are incredible, some people say they are living fossils! their average size is 40m long and 1m thick.

We can find in this trees, around them actually, big green balls that have the pine nut inside. Look the way they are inside the ball, it’s very interesting!


These are the seeds of the tree, and we eat it 😀

Well now, to exercise, I produced a little video to show the steps to prepare the Brazilian pine nuts.

I hope you liked it! Please leave a comment to say if I’m going in a good direction 🙂 and if you’re liking it, or not.

Obrigado, ttyl

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