This Exquisite Forest

This Exquisite Forest is an online collaborative art project that lets users create short animations that build off one another as they explore a specific theme. The result is a collection of branching narratives resembling trees.

What that means is that you can look in the ‘forest’ for animation seeds and build upon those. This is a great exercise of pure creativity and collaboration utilizing the power of the web. The concept remind me of the where anyone could design 1 frame of the Johnny Cash video. If you clicked the link you’ve seen the AMAZING result that the collaboration produced.

This is the power the web has on design, it completely breaks conventional paradigms.

Are you planting a seed?

TED – Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone?

Deep, complex, scary…. but true… people might think she’s ‘exaggerating’ but put this in perspective and imagine this in a 50 year life span, when a great majority of the population did not learn, to be alone and to have a conversation with a real human being…

Can you be by yourself without being connected to anything for, let’s say 2 hours?

Thanks to @TaylorMann for the link.


New Apple Tone – are you stupid?

Apple just released new ads this weekend – new messaging, new tone, new ‘ad boy’, new focus.

At first it’s funny, unexpected and quite involving, while highlighting some basic things basic users can do with their macs. Once I watched the second and third clip the message for me was quite different, rude actually. Apple portrayed its customers and want-to-be-customers as stupid with problems to prioritize (Labor Day ad) and that can’t differentiate an Apple store from a pc shop across the street.

I know it sounds harsh, but as an Apple fan – not only of their products, but strategies and marketing – I hope they get smarter with the next wave of ads, like they were in the “Get a Mac” campaign. Apple is a big fan of TV ads, so if they want to drop the ‘product as hero’ theme and want to be funny again… someone needs to work on the jokes, seriously.

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