MCOM 2 – First Assignment – Top Creations!

This assignment is the result of only 2 classes in photoshop. We worked together to learn selections and how to position layers in order to compose a scene that would otherwise be impossible in real life. Once you learn how to select and manipulate pixels, you have a taste of manipulating reality :) Follow the top 10 assignments.

Useful links to add to your news aggregator

This list was compiled by my students at the Interactive Marketing Communications program

Shaun Withers

Social Times | Branding/Design – Under Consideration | Food/Photography | Design Inspiration | Letterpress | Artists/Unusual

Sarah Patterson

NPR- Pop culture | NPR- Monkey see monkey do | Deviantart | Goodreads | Marketing Mag

Nicholas Hovencamp

Perry Bible Fellowship - Funny webcomic that uses different art styles  | Mashable | VICE – Alternative news source | Boing Boing – More news, mostly online based.  | MONSTER BRAINS – Collected art of monsters, science fiction, etc

Rebecca Bax

Spoon Graphics | | Simply Recipes | 500PX | Social Media Examiner | TED Videos

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