Itaparica Island

The trip is getting better with the time been. This time we went to ITAPARICA Island, it’s a island 30 min from Bahia’s capital Salvador in a small boat.

It was a sort of adventure, because one hotel guy, a native from the island, asked if we he could go with us and show everything. So we accepted and we did everything as native from the island… not with the fancy boats and cars that most tourists use.

After we got the 30 min boat we arrived here:

Itaparica port

After that we got into a 50 years old VW-Kombi … look the inside… it was quite an experience :p

It was intense 30 minutes inside this “car”

But all these was worth while when we arrived and saw this:

This is the kind of beach that don’t have any waves and it’s warm. The afternoon was perfect and we had a good time… We also had some nice views that I’m gonna share with you.

As you know, we are good soccer players ANYWHERE, lol.

Well there is a lot to show, so take a look in the slideshow below.

Tamar Project

We had very busy these last few days! So I couldn’t post anything. We went to a beach around 150km from Salvador there has a very interesting project called TAMAR. It’s a project that wants to save the turtles!
After we went there we learned somethings about turtles of course. For example, there are seven species of turtle in the world, and in Brazil we only have five. From these five, we actually saw only four, because the one called Leather Turtle only appears in the southeast of Brazil.

Here we have a picture with some hulls from the turtles we can find in Brazil:

We can see from the right to left: Olive, Green and Leather turtles.

The beach have a very nice infra-structure, and because of that we found there a lot of “gringos”… Nice stores, hotels, and it’s a very clean place and interesting to go.

We were lucky that when we arrived they were giving a turtle back to the sea. They treated a turtle that got taken by a fishing net, and tagged to take care of it during it’s life. So here is a picture of the turtle “walking” back to the sea.

So cute :p

We learned that turtles only step in the sand once in their lives, when they are born. After that they only come back to the sand if they are female to spawn. So these little turtle “walked” in the sand the second time in it’s life, so it had some difficulties 😛

Visit the project it’s totally worth it.  If you ever consider coming to Salvador, this is a tour that can’t be forgotten.

Hope you liked it, Obrigado, ttyl.

there is no time :p

It’s been a while I can’t write anything here! It’s because I’m doing a bunch of stuff here… and I would like to show one thing that just got ready. I’m producing 2 book covers, one brand and one website for a very small company. Those are the reason why I’m not having the time to write here… But I will stop excusing my self and show the work I did and start writing more often here!

My father has a column in a online newspaper, and he got all his articles and organized in a book. The name is a reference to that, and that’s a reason because is his face silhouette in the cover. Well at least I posted something! I hope I can post more this week! I wanna talk more about that place that I did the video in the last post

Obrigado, ttyl.

Valentines Day

When I was in Canada we had the Valentines day; it’s not the same date as Brazil; here we celebrate on June 12. The date is not the only thing that is different; the Brazilian Valentines day has a different concept.

Here it’s more about Boyfriend and Girlfriend, and in Canada is more about love to everybody. I was wondering which would be a good way to show this difference to people that don’t live here… And I think I had a good idea.

Advertising is a reflection of the society, mainly culturally. So I’m going to show a couple of ads that show a bit of this boyfriend and girlfriend thing:

Valentines Day Iguatemi. Show that your love is FLEX: powered by luck and passion.

“Lovers use because they love” / Clothing store.

I hope the illustration helped! If you want more examples or it wasn’t enough, please let me know!

I’m traveling today to my girlfriend farm, so I will be out of town/internet until sunday. So if someone need something shoot a e-mail and wait :p I hope I can get good info for the blog over there, I’m taking the camera with me!

Obrigado, ttyl

Brazilian Junk Food

North Americans are not the only people that are experts in junk food. We have a say here in Brazil that: We copy everything from everybody all over the world, but we do it better. It’s a joke but you will understand in a bit. Brazilian Junk food is a little bit different from North American’s. First of all: It has to be big and have a BIG variety of ingredients! You will understand in a bit. The other characteristic is that we can produce anywhere. We have TONS of small business only producing this two meals.

Let’s start with one that you all know pretty well: HOT DOG, in Portuguese we say ‘Cachorro-quente’ which means exactly the same thing. The difference is inside the bun. A true Hot Dog in a Brazilian style has at least these items: Bun, tomato sauce, sausage, corn, pea, boiled and smashed eggs, mayonnaise, parmesan and shoestring-potatoes (it’s like very thin chips.)


This is a big one, and VERY good!

This is the basic recipe the final result it’s very tasty. That’s why I ate only one hot dog in Canada, it was only a sausage and the bun with ketchup… :p We Brazilians are at least creative.

She will kill me because of this picture :p

The second dish of today is more local and it will remember one that we all know. This is called ‘XIS’ which might remind you of a Hamburger, but in the Brazilian way (we copied the hamburger and made it ‘better’)

In a ‘XIS’ we have: Special bun, mayonnaise, hamburger meat, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, ham, pea and corn. Again, this is the basic one; we have several types of recipe for this meal. We can change the meat, sauce, fill etc…


 You’ll never go wrong with a ‘Salad XIS’, it’s traditional.

XIS you can mostly find in this south Brazil region. I have some friends that moved out from my state and they still can’t stop thinking about it :p

I hope you’re all hungry, because I need one of those right now! :p

Obrigado, ttyl

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