Branding and blog Updates

Hello, well i’ve been doing some updating in my blog system, and you can notice mainly in my comment area. I installed a new tool that help the commenting here… so please make a good use of that! you can also submit your facebook and comment through facebook here, pretty nice.

The other thing is, I got some GOOGLE AD SENSE, yeap, i’m trying to make some money with the blog, but mainly to learn how to install this feature in blogs…. anyway… the thing is CLICK ON THEM PLEASE hahahaha, really…. always… just click on them… to help me with some cents 🙂

Now the branding! I developed a brand to my a law office here in Brazil…. my father is an associate on that… Check it out, they liked it and payed me 🙂

So, remember, click on the advertising banners! Talked to you later.

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